0902578  Mortgage banker License
0105804  Mortgage Banker License (Scottsdale AZ Br)
0118067  Mortgage Banker License (NV Br)
120578    Mortgage Banker License (MI Br)

4130479 DOC Residential Mortgage Lending Act License
813H370 DOC RMLA License (West Long Branch NJ Br)
813H501 DOC RMLA License (Scottsdale AZ Br)
813M773 DOC RMLA License (Ann Arbor MI Br)
813I679 DOC RMLA License (Las Vegas NV Br)
813M888 DOC RMLA License (Tigard OR Br)

Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act

98398 Supervised Lender License
NMLS3294 Mortgage Company Registration

To check the status of your mortgage loan originator, visit Colorado Division of Real Estate Website: http://www.dora.state.co.us/real-estate/index.htm

MCL-3294 Mortgage Correspondent Lender License
MCL-BCH-371559 Mortgage Correspondent Lender License (MI Br)

MLB3294 Mortgage Broker & Lender (Dual Authority)
MLB303311 Mortgage Dual Authority License (West Long Branch NJ Br)

MLD1196 Mortgage Lender License
MLDB4080 Mortgage Lender License (NJ Br)
MLDB3811 Mortgage Lender License (MI Br)
MLDB3820 Mortgage Lender License (FL Br)

HI-3294 Mortgage Loan Originator Company License
HI-539998 Mortgage Loan Originator Company License (HI Br)

MB.0005830 Residential Mortgage License
MB.0005830-001 Additional Full Service Office License (IL Br)
Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee
State of Illinois Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation, Division of Banking
122 S. Michigan Ave. Suite 900, Chicago, IL 60603; Tel#(312) 793-3000; www.idfpr.com

MC18152 Mortgage Company License
MC93997 Mortgage Company License (West Long Branch NJ Br)
MC327695 Mortgage Company License (Ann Arbor MI Br)

8063 Mortgage Lenders License
20402 Mortgage Lender License (West Long Branch NJ Br)
20402 Mortgage Lender License (Ann Arbor MI Br)

FR0019612 1st Mortgage Broker/Lender Registrant

MN-MO-20186376 Residential Mortgage Originator License

1270 Mortgage Banker License
Corporate office: 11150 W. Olympic Blvd. Ste. 1160 Los Angeles, CA 90064 (NMLS#3294) Tel#(800) 974-4434
NV Principal office: 3753 Howard Hughes Parkway #208 Las Vegas, NV 89169 (NMLS#742394) Tel#(702)784-7688

9953748 Correspondent Residential Mortgage Lender License
0904913 CRML License (West Long Branch NJ Br)
NMLS#371559 CRML License (Ann Arbor MI Br)
Licensed by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance

01342 Mortgage Loan Company License

L-114000 Mortgage Lender License
L-114000-106 Mortgage Lender License (West Long Branch NJ Br)
L-114000-105 Mortgage Lender License (NC Br)
L-114000-107 Mortgage Lender License (MI Br)

MBMB.850071.000 Mortgage Broker Act Mortgage Banker Exemption
MBMB.850071.005 Mortgage Broker Act Mortgage Banker Exemption (MI Br)
MBMB.850071.006 Mortgage Broker Act Mortgage Banker Exemption (OH Br)

ML-1532 Mortgage Lending License
ML-1532-8 Mortgage Lending License (Ann Arbor MI Br)
ML-1532-4 Mortgage Lending License (West Long Branch NJ Br)
ML-1532-6 Mortgage Lending License (Las Vegas NV Br)
ML-1532-7 Mortgage Lending License (Tigard OR Br)

24511Mortgage Lender License 24511.005Mortgage Lender License  (West Long Branch NJ Br)24511.007Mortgage Lender License  (Ann Arbor MI Br) Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking

1334 Mortgage License
109442-102 Mortgage License (West Long Branch NJ Br)

4NMLS#3294SML Mortgage Banker RegistrationNMLS#303311SML Mortgage Banker Registration (West Long Branch NJ Br)NMLS#371559SML Mortgage Banker Registration (Ann Arbor MI Br) Complaint/Recovery Fund Notice:  http://www.sml.texas.gov/ResidentialMortgageLoanOriginator/documents/rmlo_compliance_reporting/rmlo_81_200_c_recovery_fund_notice.pdf

5496163 DRE Mortgage Entity License

MC-1971 Mortgage Lender License
Licensed offices in CA, MI, NJ, OR and VA
Licensed by the Virginia State Corporation Commission

CL-3294 Consumer Loan Company License
CL-304075 Consumer Loan Company License (WA Br)
CL-371559 Consumer Loan Company License (MI Br)
CL-303311 Consumer Loan Company License (West Long Branch NJ Br)
CL-742394 Consumer Loan Company License (Las Vegas NV Br)