Please select the name of your loan officer. If you don’t have one, choose “new” and one of our mortgage consultants will contact you. 

After loan application is submitted, your assigned loan officer will contact you to:

  • Guide you through the entire loan process
  • Complete your loan application package
  • Help you select the best loan option and interest rate


Loan Officer NMLS# Direct Line Email
Ken Adler NMLS261698 310-873-2660
Jennifer Cho NMLS237164 310-873-2659
Gene Chow NMLS61170 310-873-2615
Jason Kravitz NMLS162809 310-873-2690
Jose Flores NMLS271902 310-873-2686
Jay Steren NMLS8531 310-477-6877
Michael Steren NMLS267806 310-873-2661
Stephanie Steren NMLS263691 310-873-2632
Evan Tsai NMLS8801 310-873-2655
Julio Valdez NMLS240258 310-873-2683
Brian Wiener NMLS238830 310-873-2631
David Young NMLS62043 310-873-2676
Karen Zhong NMLS237140 310-873-2621
Bobby Reynoso NMLS1161929 310-873-6245
Paige Anthony Shinn NMLS1558696 310-626-1317
Norma Susana Lopez NMLS1403265 310-873-2647
Valerie Pang NMLS246378 310-873-2657
Shirley Wilson NMLS325963 702-807-0908
Daniel Pio NMLS315027 949-396-2080
Lilliam Chirip NMLS##### 310-873-2653
Armik Bagramyan NMLS1233522 310-626-4535