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Loan Officer NMLS# Direct Line Email
Ken Adler NMLS261698 310-873-2660
Jennifer Cho NMLS237164 310-873-2659
Gene Chow NMLS61170 310-873-2615
Jason Kravitz NMLS162809 310-873-2690
Jose Flores NMLS271902 310-873-2686
Jay Steren NMLS8531 310-477-6877
Michael Steren NMLS267806 310-873-2661
Stephanie Steren NMLS263691 310-873-2632
Evan Tsai NMLS8801 310-873-2655
Julio Valdez NMLS240258 310-873-2683
Brian Wiener NMLS238830 310-873-2631
David Young NMLS62043 310-873-2676
Karen Zhong NMLS237140 310-873-2621
Bobby Reynoso NMLS1161929 310-873-6245
Harry Gatewood NMLS1185684 310-873-2673
Norma Susana Lopez NMLS1403265 310-873-2647
Valerie Pang NMLS246378 310-873-2657
Shirley Wilson NMLS325963 702-807-0908
Daniel Pio NMLS315027 949-396-2080